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Massage Associates of East Hampton and Southampton offers massages for East Hampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor, Noyac, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Amagansett, Water Mill, Hampton Bays, Quogue, East Quogue, Shelter Island, the North Fork, Westhampton, the East End of Long Island and the entire Hamptons, NY.

Imagine yourself at your favorite quiet place...on the beach, at pool side, or in your home enjoying a very relaxing, soothing massage... perhaps the best you've ever had. At Massage Associates of East Hampton and Southampton our goal is to provide you with the best massage in a safe, trusting and friendly atmosphere.


About Us

Massage Associates of East Hampton and Southampton was founded by Kevin Reynolds in 1991. In order to service a fast growing business and his clients' special needs, Kevin put together a group of accomplished, experienced professionals who share his philosophies on the physical and spiritual aspects of massage, professionalism and attitude. This group of men and women work together on various massage modalities and techniques in ongoing training sessions to provide you with the highest quality massage tailored to your specific needs.

 Kevin Reynolds, LMT, Director

Kevin is a graduate of the Swedish Institute, has had advanced studies in deep tissue massage, pregnancy and infant massage and studied at the Institute of Core Energetics. He pioneered infant massage programs for crack-addicted babies at Roosevelt/St. Luke's Hospital in NY, Kevin has appeared on "World News Tonight with Peter Jennings" and has been featured in national publications for his work with infants.

Kevin attends to his clients in the Hamptons and New York City. His wife Kristi, a chef, operates Molly Rose Catering (click for more info.) During the Winter they live and work in St. John, U.S.V.I. with their two lovely daughters, Molly Rose and Hunter Ellis. Their wide range of clients include many interesting Hamptons personalities.

"Americans are rediscovering the value of the ancient healing art of massage. Massage, once a luxury item for the elite, is becoming a necessity for people trying to cope with fast paced lives"- New York Times

How it works:
For our clients convenience, we are available 7 AM to 11 PM, 7 days a week. We will take appointments on short notice. There is no charge for appointment changes or cancellations but please be considerate.

Home Visits:
You experience your massage in the comfort of your own home. We arrive with massage table and fresh linens. Best thing about it, you don't have to drive home afterwards.

Office Visits:
We have an office in Springs, East Hampton, Southampton, NY

On The Beach:
Give yourself a special treat, a massage on the beach.

What It Costs:
Office visits are $85-120/hr. Home visits are $110-160 Prices vary based on season and distance traveled for home visits. There is an additional charge for late evening massages

Gratuities - Our therapists offer a quality service, if you enjoy your massage a 15-20% gratuity is suggested.

First Time? What to expect:
With basic relaxation or Swedish massage, you are asked to undress to whatever point you are comfortable. The massage therapist leaves the room and gives you sufficient time to get undressed and get onto the massage table under a towel. During the massage only the part of your body currently being worked ion is uncovered. Those parts of your body generally considered private are not uncovered or worked on. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the massage, please inform the therapist immediately. As you get to know the therapist over repeated sessions, some of your preferences and your level of comfort may very well change, at which time you may change any aspect of your treatment with the therapist.

Deep Tissue Massage-Is it for You?
By Kevin Reynolds, featured in Dan's Paper June 23, 2000.
Years ago, massage was massage, you had a basic soothing and relaxing hour. This spa massage remains popular and has been complimented with treatments such as aromatherapy, herbal wraps and skin treatments for those who loved to be pampered. Over the last ten years, I have seen a number of changes in massage- especially in the needs of clients. What has happened, is that people have become more educated about massage, its therapeutic value and the modality that best works for them I suppose we could call them masseur connoisseurs.
What I have seen is that the majority want to know, better understand and take seriously- deep tissue massage. People who are that discerning about their sessions are wonderful for the massage industry.

So, what is deep tissue massage?
Rather than give you a textbook definition I am going to share some of my experiences with this type of therapy. I call my work Swedish/ Deep Tissue. With Swedish, I apply oils to the skin and use strokes specific to that style, that allow me to give a soothing, relaxing massage-if that is the client's desire. With deep tissue the work is a more vigorous, focused and thorough manipulation of specific muscle groups.
For example, for a person who experiences discomfort in their shoulders,upper back and between the shoulder blades, a large part or all of a one hour session could be spent on those muscle groups rather than receiving a full-body massage. Many connoisseurs go for a ninety minute session, so they can have the best of both worlds thorough work to relieve specific discomfort and a full-body massage. So let's get a little deeper into what deep tissue massage is. Stress is a systemic problem which tends to manifest in specific ways and areas; headaches, stiff neck, upper and lower back pain, sore legs and achy feet. Stress causes imbalances in the chemical make up of body tissues, causing muscle discomfort, contractions or spasms. The imbalances consist of many things, including lack of oxygen/excess carbon dioxide, toxin and waste build-up to name a few. Deep manipulation of the affected muscles can force these impurities into the blood and lymphatic systems. The impurities are then transported to the liver and kidneys for purification or use as waste. The art of Deep Tissue is the ability to sense and understand a person's threshold for pain and do the work with minimal discomfort and get maximum results. Finding this threshold that border between pain and pleasure is what my clients and I call "hurts so good". Deep tissue work is a real work-out, "no pain-no gain" there is some discomfort. But as deep tissue lovers know the long term relief from chronic pain and soreness is well worth the initial discomfort. Kevin Reynolds is a licensed massage therapist and director of Massage Associates. Questions? Feel free to call-324-2201

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